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Serio de Companion

Baldwin Gallery

9625 Ida St. Omaha, NE

Gallery phone 402 493-8045

Sergi de Companion

Influenced by the color and form of indigenous North American tribes, Sergio de Companion uses line and color as value. Emphasizing color and contrast, Sergio strives to brighten dark or dull spaces with stylized linear depictions of indigenous animals. Sergio studied art at Joslyn Art Museum in Omaha. He continued his artistic studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha until becoming an innovative textile sculptor, creating large scale rug carvings for corporate clients across the Midwest. Sergio has displayed works as part of the Benson First Fridays project in Omaha. Sergio has worked in various formats for more than 50 years. Recently his work is centered on a highly stylized design of acrylic painting. In 1979, He received the Gold Key award for his watercolor painting "In the Barnyard." Previous series have centered on abstract expressionism and story painting. Sergio earned a living in textile sculpting from 1985 to 1996.

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